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About Us

F. Lawrence Coleman brings a dynamic mix of expertise and career perspectives from his experience as an executive and entrepreneur. Experienced in identifying and developing interviewing competencies, he has provided his expertise and guidance as a mentor on career preparedness and development for over 10 years.  Mr. Coleman combines creativity, enthusiasm, and assertiveness with an expert learning methodology to accelerate job seeker’s abilities to master outstanding interviewing skills.

Vault Consulting’s approach is all about impact. What will be your WOW moment? Competition for a good job is fierce in this rough and tumble economy. New graduates need to outshine not only each other, but also experienced, veteran workers. Potential candidates simply can’t afford to miss a beat or bore an interviewer.
Vault Consulting’s training workshops cover all of the basics: dress, deportment, company research, question/answer prep, follow-up. Moreover, confidence is built at Vault Consulting.  This company teaches winning mindsets that take graduates out of a fear-based “police interrogation” mentality and show them they are looking at a great opportunity to showcase their talent and drive.

Vault Consulting’s training seminars ensure each individual learns how to leverage their experience, education, and energy in well-crafted responses that speak to the requirements of the job they seek. Armed with an insider’s insight into the perspective of the person behind the desk, types of interview questions they can expect, and how to frame successful responses, students gain the confidence that WOWs potential employers. That’s Vault Consulting’s mission accomplished.

Mr. Coleman has an award winning, professional background of over 25 years experience with Fortune 500 companies, such as ADP, Ceridian, IBM, Johnson & Johnson, i2 Technologies, and Xerox Corporation.  As a franchise owner for 10 years, he introduced a Wingstop Restaurant, one of the fastest growing restaurant franchises in the country, to the Atlanta market.   Mr. Coleman has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Political Science from Louisiana Tech University.

Francine Coleman

Francine Coleman, SPHR, S-CP brings a dynamic mix of experience, professional certifications and a broad level of education specializing in the practice of Human Resources. Francine’s hands on experience in the full lifecycle of an employee from recruit to retiree has been built on experience working in fortune 500 companies in various industries such as finance, manufacturing, medical/hospital industry and high tech.

As an HR professional her career has grown from individual contributor HR Generalist to HR Director and company HR Leader with responsibilities including strategic business partnership and support to C level business leaders.

Francine brings to Vault Consulting over 15 years of HR experience sourcing and recruiting candidates, coaching managers in hiring practices that help build and support company culture and creating solid on-boarding practices to help ensure the success for the new hire while targeting the reduction of corporate turnover. Her experience and knowledge of various corporate pillars has made her an expert contributor to the success of Vault Consulting. Francine’s knowledge of HR, business practices and best practices for corporate has provided the platform on which we build many topics of training and focus for candidates entering or reentering the job market.


What’s in it for You

  • Gain increased awareness regarding your strengths and areas for improvement
  • Be prepared to make a lasting positive impact on potential employers
  • Strengthen your answers to make a greater impression
  • Stand out above the rest
  • Become familiar with the interview process
  • Increase your self confidence and self esteem
  • Become more prepared for questions such as, "What can you bring to our organization? ”Why should we hire you instead of another candidate?" etc. more
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